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[Format] Admin applications
« on: January 15, 2015, 01:46:53 pm »
Make sure You meet the requirements when applying else do not apply (The requirements are stated at the bottom of this post)

Code: [Select]
In-game Name:
Your timezone (GMT):
Since when have You been playing on the server?:
Hours of activity per day (Estimated - Minimum - Maximum - Day/night):
Have You read Rules?:

* Keep in mind that this doesn't mean that You shouldn't play when you are an admin, it means that You should administrate the server instead of playing when the server is needing administration.

Not using the correct format will get Your application locked & denied.


-Being here for at least 1 month
-Being a regular player
-Having 50 posts (You must have a registered forum account for at least 15 days)

Rules & Tips:

-Make sure You read this sticky topic
-Everyone can post their opinion on Your application, but admins can only vote
*Even if a player votes on Your application, his/her vote won't be counted but remember that we care how the community members think about You
-Your application can be open up to 20 days ; You may bump your topic IF there was no reply for 7 days
-Try not to get into arguments (it will reduce your chance)


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