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Server Rules in Detail
« on: December 23, 2014, 05:04:24 am »
General rules



* Do NOT shoot the players randomly.
* Do NOT use hacks or cleo mods or any mod that gives you an advantage over other players [It will lead to ban]
* Use common sense, there are no rules except the ones in this thread.
* No Flaming, Spamming, Treating Other player's With Disrespect.
* Do not advertise about other servers (It will lead to ban)
* Do not abuse p***enger seat to avoid death, robbing, infecting or other similar matters.
* Do not abuse the /afk and /q to evade arrests, deaths and similar stuff.
* Do not leave the server while you are kidnapped / being chased by cops.
* Keybidnding isn't allowed.
* No using of CAPS in main chat.
* Do not abuse water-canon.
* Drive by as driver is not allowed.
* Do NOT shoot the players indoors even if you have a valid reason to kill the person .
[Exception : If someone opens fire on you indoors [Not allowed ], you may open fire on him/her too , But it's better to use /report]
* Do not abuse bugs or CMDs [C-Bug is not allowed]
* Do not refill your health / armour while in a battle.
* Do not multi-account.
***** You can use drugs while fighting someone.
[Example : You rob someone and he/she opens fire on you ; even if you don't shoot him/her back , you are NOT allowed to refill your health/armor in that moment.]

Cops rules


* Do not abuse the /crb CMD to climb buildings or similar stuff .
* Do not use /kill to evade death/kidnap and such things.
* Ram arresting is allowed.
* Cops must not leave a player cuffed on purpose / Do not cuff someone excessively without a valid reason .(If a cop leaves someone cuffed for once [Mistake / forgotten etc , A verbal warning would be enough.)
[Valid reasons to leave a player cuffed : If a player carjacks a cop or shoots a cop or attempts to rob/****/kidnap etc , the cop can leave the player cuffed.(You are the cop in all these cases)]
* No Team-Killing ( Do not shoot or kill other Cops / ARMY).
* Remember that blue players are your team-mates , so don't carjack them . [Warning the player is not needed]
* Cops aren't allowed to help criminal friends in any way , if they want to , they should spawn as a criminal.
Question : What do you mean by helping a criminal?
Example : A cop cuffs a criminal and you uncuff that player OR Your helping a criminal to kill someone [White/Yellow].
Example : A cop is chasing a criminal by a car and you [As a cop] are driving the car [Which criminal is in/on it] to help the criminal escape.
Example : Army is shooting a red colored player and a cop comes and cuffs the red player so that the criminal stays alive , then uncuffs the players.
Example : You cuff a criminal , then you uncuff him so that your friend robs/****s him/her , then you re-cuff and arrest him/her.
Conclusion :
It's okay if a criminal is driving a car and a cop is on it [Just sitting on the car Or in the car as p***enger -> Not shooting anyone/Helping him/her]

Valid reasons to use /rp

- Someone ATTEMPTS to ROB or **** or KIDNAP you.
- Someone opens fire on you or your car.
- Someone carjacks you.
- Someone refuses to pullover after using the /pu CMD [After some seconds (Like 30 sec)]
Note : If someone robs or ****s a cop and gets orange , there is no need to use /rp ; But if someone robs/****s a cop and gets yellow [Due to bug or w.e] , the cop may use the /rp CMD]
** Do not /rp someone when you /fine him/her ; You must wait for the timer , the person will either /payfine or else he will be orange automatically.
- Do not abuse the /fine cmd.

Other classes rules


* Army allowed when 6+ criminal/civilian are online.
* 6 civilian/criminal -> 1 army , 12 civilian/criminal -> 2 army , ..... (1 army per 6 criminal/civilian)
* Army must kill only REDS.
* Army must warn others to stay away from REDS before shooting them
* Army has the right to shoot back any player if he shot you first (SELF-DEFENCE).
* When a white/orange player is with a RED player in a car or etc, ARMY must warn them to step out -of the car and if they don't listen ARMY can shoot the vehicle.
* Do Not abuse Army Resources by shooting Randomly.
* Army can only interfere with ORANGE players when army is on foot/cars/bikes.
* Do Not spam rockets in order to injure a nearby non-red player.
* Its Just a game don't be Aggressive while using ARMY.
* Play fair and have fun with Army.
* Army must not go AFK for long time (+10 minutes)


* Same cop rules goes for CIA.
* Do not abuse the CIA satelight to cuff / arrest players.


* Stunters are not allowed to rob shops.
* Stunters aren't allowed to interfer with the cops and criminals
* Stunters should not block main streets / players by spawning ramps.


* Don't annoy people with kidnap , Which means do not excessively kidnap someone.(Do not kidnap someone for like +2 times in an hour)
* Don't annoy people by keeping them kidnaped for a long time ; remember you are not allowed to keep them kidnapped for more than 3 minutes.
* Do not leave the server while you are kidnapped.
* When your ejected from the car/bike/heli , DO NOT press G to get in the car as p***enger to evade being robbed/****d etc unless the kidnapper asks you to press G , then that's your call.

Medic/Private medic

* Do not abuse the /healme CMD to refill your HP in battles and similar stuff.
* Do not refill player's health in battles .


* Do not abuse the /repairme CMD Or /repair CMD.
Example : You are being shot by some player [For a valid reason] , And you keep typing /repairme to repair your car.
Example : Your on your friend's car and someone is shooting your friend's car [For a valid reason] and you repair his/her car. [A verbal warning would be enough for the first time]


* Only 2 -3 random hits are allowed per 2 hours.
* Placing hit and going as hitman to kill the player whom you placed hit on is not allowed.

About ramming & Carparking


* Carparking is not allowed .
* If you have a valid reason to kill someone , then you are allowed to ram his/her car too.


Event Rules


What is a Event?
A Event is hosted by an Admin that changes aspects of your gaming experience at TeamTFC CNR.
When an event is taking place their maybe rules that apply due to certain Script features/CNR gameplay. (Cont.)

What are Event Rules?
Event Rules are set to prevent others from ruining the event.
Strict punishment will follow Event obstructers. (Breaking Event rule(s) is a HUGE NO NO.)
These rules include but is not limited to depending on the Admin(s) hosting the event.

Most known rules. Command(s) NOT Allowed at an Event.

Do not Taze
Do not Rob
Do not ****
Do not Arrest
Do not Kidnap
Do not Fine

Listen to the commanding admin(s) hosting the event.
Obstructing them or not listening makes it harder for a free flowing, fun event.

If you have any questions about the rules , feel free to ask it by replying to this topic ; We try to keep the rules updated so If a rule is not mentioned here then its not considered as official rule.
If you have a suggestion about a rule. You should talk with the owner or post it in suggestion section.[/b]

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